The Wildfire Open to the World

The sport of rodeo and professional team roping is going through a lot of changes. The direction of rodeo is questionable and team roping is experiencing some new perspectives. The sport is growing. It is definitely bigger than it ever has been before. We are in a good time for our sport.

Team roping is progressing every year. It seems like more and more people are joining in on team roping. It is a great lifestyle and a great hobby for many people. At the top, the sport is different. It is hard to make a living doing it. We have some good jackpots throughout the year that are really good to us. The Wildfire Open to the World in Salado, Texas is one of those major jackpots that everyone must go to if you make a living roping. This roping is fun! The format seems to change every year, but it is always one to look forward to. The steers are typically really fresh and the barrier is really long. I like that because that is what makes this roping different.

20140128-100716.jpgMe backing in the box at the Thomas and Mack at the 2013 NFR.

This year, however, the producers of this roping are changing it up. They are still bringing in fresh steers, and I mean really fresh, and they are shortening the barrier down to 3 feet under! That is a pretty short barrier for the best headers in the world. You will definitely have to score and react to each steer when you nod your head, but the fresh steers and the short barrier will set things up to happen fast. I bet this roping now is fast. The only thing that could make this roping a tough set up even for the best teams in the world is if the steers were not easy to handle and heel. If they are to fresh, I wouldn’t expect to fast of times over the 6 rounds this roping is. On the contrary, if the steers are good, and fresh, then things will happen really fast and it will take 6 fast, smooth runs to win this roping. I am really excited about this roping! I always enjoy going to it. It is a fun a tough set up. In order for me to get ready for this type of set up, I bought some fresh steers and have been practicing on them a little bit on my good horses to keep them reacting, running, and handling well on lighter, sharper steers.

This roping is definitely a must see roping if your a team roping fan. It brings out the best ropers in the business. You can’t win this roping if you don’t rope well. You have to score great, ride great horses, and be able to handle everything that could happen in the arena on the steers that we will be competing on. It is on February 8th in Salado, Texas. You might want to come by if you get a chance. DH

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