41st Annual Windy Ryon Memorial Team Roping


Fast Back ropers win lion’s share at 41st Annual Windy Ryon Memorial Team Roping


Saginaw, TX – Seldom do you hear of someone dominating a roping with over 200 teams, especially a world-class open roping. However, that’s exactly what reigning world champion header, Clay Tryan, did at the Windy Ryon on Friday, May 23rd.


The Windy Ryon is held each year during Memorial Day weekend and is one of the few ropings that offer professional ropers a significant payout. Roping in the large outdoor arena can be challenging and often ropers must overcome strong winds or muddy conditions. The Windy Ryan open team roping draws some of the best ropers in the world. This year, 210 teams entered the five-head progressive roping for $500 per team, with entries limited to three times.


Clay Tryan, gave an unprecedented performance by winning the top three spots in the average. Tryan and Travis Graves, won first by roping five steers in 34.09 seconds, splitting $20,500. Tryan’s second place win was with two-time world champion, Jade Corkill, with an average of 35.14. Clay’s third place win was with world champion Patrick Smith with a time of 35.49 in the average. Tryan also won money in the first round and short go, bringing his total earnings for the day to $22,950.


“Everything went great all day. I was able to score, be in time with my horse and my partners all roped well,” says Clay. “I’ve roped well at other jackpots, but today nothing went wrong and we were able to overcome any obstacles.”


Earlier that morning Fast Back cowgirl, Barrie Smith, won the All Girl #11 with partner, Jackie Crawford, earning the team $9,990. Kelly Hicks won second, heeling for Jayme Marcrum pocketing $2,165 for her part.


In total Fast Back ropers won over $40,000 in prize money at the 2014 Windy Ryon Memorial on Friday by winning a total of seven average checks and six go-ground checks.

Barrie Smith


Clay Tryan


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