Annual Forget Me Not Benefit Alzheimer’s Team Roping


Cowboying Up for a Cause

Forget Me Not Benefit Alzheimer’s Team Roping Returns to Sinton, TX in May


The Ramirez Family, originally of Brooks County- South TX, is coordinating the 4th annual Forget Me Not Benefit Alzheimer’s Team Roping in loving memory of their beloved Ester L. Ramirez of Encino, who passed away from Alzheimer’s in June 2010.  A large portion of the proceeds raised are donated to the worthy and influential Alzheimer’s Association. Funds will be donated to help the association continue fueling research for a cure and helping improve lives of those affected by this terrible disease.

Their first year (2011), they were able to donate a little over $5,000 to the association. Last year, they donated $11, 200 to the Alzheimer’s Association!!! What an amazing and fulfilling thing to be able to do in memory of their loved one! To date they have donated a total of $26, 200 to the Alzheimer’s Association, in just 3 years!

The 4th Annual Forget Me Not Team Roping will also include other fundraisers such as a Silent Auction. It will be held on May 2-3 in Sinton, TX at the San Patricio County Fairgrounds.

Check this out… Last year’s amazing stats:

  • Paid out almost: $44,000!!! (not including value of custom trophy prizes. CM Trailer, Double J Saddles, Gist Buckles, etc.)

Prizes awarded included: 1 CM Bumper Trailer, 2 Double J Saddles, 8 Gist Buckles, 8 Custom Rope Halters

  • 1, 118 teams total
  • 11 teams in the Open 10 Header: Paid Out $4,400
  • 104 teams in the #15 roping: Paid Out $4,554
  • 224 teams in the #13 roping: Paid Out $9,450
  • 423 teams in the #10 roping: Paid Out $15,510
  • 356 teams in the #8 roping: paid out $9,750

“This fundraising endeavor is close to our heart and hits home with our family,” said Bonnie Ramirez, Forget Me Not Benefit Team Roping Founder/President. “Our other grandma recently passed away and battled Alzheimer’s as well. It’s a terrible disease. It changes and transforms people profoundly and the stages of progression are sad, heart breaking, depressing, and hard, among other things. It’s so difficult to watch loved ones transform from someone so strong, lively and independent to someone so helpless, dependent, and lifeless. To witness and experience this is life changing to say the least. We hope by putting on this event that we can not only raise awareness and educate people about Alzheimer’s but also raise money to help with research and improving lives of those affected by this dreadful disease.     This fundraiser cannot happen without support from people such as yourselves. Come one, come all; come for a great time and a great cause!” said Ramirez.


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