Bust Your Fly Problem with the Rambo Fly Buster


Want a super durable fly sheet that will keep your horse happy, comfortable, and insect free?


The Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose Fly Sheet with No-Fly Zone ™ is one of the newest trends in the horse care industry! This is no common fly sheet; it has dual effectiveness with the most powerful and long lasting defense against flies.


The Rambo Fly Sheet is made from unique patented tough fabric that helps prevent any nicks, rips or tearing yet is soft and comfortable against the horse’s body. This fly sheet is extremely durable and will last for many seasons.  It includes a super-sized tail flap, extra deep sides for optimum belly protection, V-front closure, shoulder and mane lining, three straight surcingles and removable neck cover.


The Rambo Fly Sheet’s contoured leg arches allow the sheet to wrap around and cover the horse’s belly, creating a barrier from biting flies and other pesky insects.



“The Rambo Fly Sheet is awesome for horses prone to sweet itch during fly season,” Horseware rep, Michelle Beauclair stresses. “The best route is to get ahead of the sweet itch curve and get the fly sheet on the horse(s) before the flies get bad and the sweet itch takes ‘root’.”


Each Rambo Fly Sheet is treated with No-Fly Zone ™ insect control technology.  Permethrin, a powerful fly repellent typically used against mosquitos, is bound to the fabric and is effective for up to 20 washes. This fly sheet also boasts UV protection, perfect for those coats needing a little extra protection from damaging sun rays.


Fly sheets in general tend to “pay” for themselves with money saved from not having to apply a ton of fly spray, which can be costly with multiple horses.  You’ll also appreciate valuable time saved using a fly sheet verses the time and labor involved with fly spraying a horse a couple times a day.



NRS also carries the Mio and the Amigo fly sheets from Horseware. For all your fly care needs, click HERE.

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