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We were recently contacted by 16-year-old Hannah Beth Tems, and were thoroughly impressed with her aspirations and giving spirit. Hannah Beth is the founder of the non-profit organization, Dare to Be a Cowboy. After speaking with Hannah Beth about her dreams and goals behind the program, we were more than happy to help her promote Dare to Be a Cowboy.

Here, we share with you this amazing organization, the heroine behind it, and how you can help.


Tell me a little about yourself. What are you interested in and what are your hobbies?

I am currently a 16-year-old Senior (young Senior, I know) at Douglas High School. I have been a member of the Nevada High School Rodeo Association for two years now. I goat tie, breakaway, barrel race, and will be team roping this spring! Outside of rodeo, I like having project colts. I’ve always thought that you don’t teach yourself how to be a better rider/horsewoman, but that you learn from the different horses that you ride. I have learned a lot from the projects that I have had and am looking forward to progressing into a better horsewoman every day.

What are your personal dreams in the rodeo world?

After high school, I plan on joining a college rodeo team, barrel racing, tying goats, roping in the breakaway and in the team roping, as well as continuing my education. After college, I plan on having my shot in the pro-rodeo world in barrel racing. I am already looking for prospects and colts that I could start now in order to pursue that dream. And, outside of personally rodeoing, I plan on becoming a stock contractor. I’ve always admired the value of quality stock in rodeo and want to be the person behind that!

Why did you start Dare to Be a Cowboy?

I was inspired to start Dare To Be A Cowboy by one of my best friends. She and I had been practicing goat tying together and had been preparing for our junior year of high school rodeo. She worked harder than anyone I had ever met… constantly striving to better herself not only in the goat tying but as a person as well. It was extremely heart breaking when she called me one day and said she didn’t have the financial means to participate in rodeo. I knew how badly she wanted to be out there with all the other cowboys and cowgirls, and I knew how badly she wanted to prove her hard work in the arena. She motivated me to develop this non-profit organization to help children just like her. Financial difficulties should not be a brick wall to a child’s dreams. That’s what Dare To Be A Cowboy is all about… we are going to build a door for aspiring youth to open into the world of rodeo.

What are your hopes for the program?

I want this organization to provide endless opportunities to children across that nation that dream of becoming a cowboy or cowgirl. Whether it’s providing them with a gas card, entry fees, tack, or new cowboy attire, Dare To Be A Cowboy is going to do whatever it takes to help.. Being a first generation cowgirl, I know how hard it is to take that first step in the rodeo world. It proves its challenges and can understandably be intimidating, but I want Dare To Be A Cowboy to be an open door for these children.

Tell me about one of the youth you have helped along this journey so far. 

One of our favorites was the story of a child that we recently had the privilege to provide “cowboy” training for. When this 5-year-old little boy jumped out of his family’s car, we could just tell that this was going to be a champion in the making. He walked right up to his personal DTBAC trainer, Machele Howard, and shook her hand. He then went on to say, “Hi! I’m here for my cowboy lesson!” During that practice, he undecorated goats and was ecstatic to rope the dummy. He had the time of his life! It’s because of kids like this; this is why we do what we do!

What can the public do?

Dare To Be A Cowboy is always accepting donations such as tack and western attire. On Black Friday, Dare To Be A Cowboy launched a fund-able campaign. In this campaign, our goal is to raise $25,000. All donations will go to the kids! I’m really looking forward to how this campaign because is going to kick-start our 2015 goals!

We are also looking for potential trainers from around the nation. We have many children all around the US that are in need of DTBAC Trainers! If you know of a trainer who may be interested in offering their time and knowledge, they can contact us on the website or email us.


If you would like to help in any way, or contact Hannah Beth, here are her social media links as well as web and email address.

Instagram: @dare_to_be_a_cowboy
Twitter: @daretobeacowboy
Website: www.daretobeacowboy.com
Email: daretobeacowboy@gmail.com




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