First NRS All-Girl Team Roping Challenge


Girls from all over the U.S, as far as Hawaii, showed up August 2nd to rope at the NRS Training Center in Decatur, TX.

Following the all-girl, 3-day team roping clinic, the First NRS All-Girl Team Roping Challenge was a huge success, with more than 170 teams entered. Christie McClary and Lindsey Braddock came in first with a 46.15 on 4. Their team took home buckles and $780.00. Lindsey Braddock was our high point roper of the day and received the hand crafted NRS Pro Series saddle, buckle and a check for over $900.00. Bobbie Pickrell and Debbie Garrison came in second with a 54.60 on 4, they received $680.00. Pickrell and Braddock also finished third in the average with a 57.17 on 4, taking home $580.00.
Join us next year for the second annual all-girl team roping challenge on July 30, 2015!

August 7, 2014 |

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