Headers Only Clinic: February 19-21


Last week the arena hosted this year’s first Headers Only Clinic. The clinic had 10 students total, traveling from all over the country.

2015-2-20_headers only clinic

One of the students, John Lynn, traveled with his girlfriend, Therese Valdez, from the suburbs of New York City. John and Therese are a very active couple who travel the country running marathons and competing in triathlons. John was originally exposed to the cowboy way of life through a life-long family friend whose family owned a ranch in Colorado.


John was first introduced to NRS through Trevor Brazile’s father-in-law. He roped his first steer at the NRS Training Center last summer. He absolutely loved the first clinic and was excited to come back for the Headers Only Clinic.


Therese and John stayed at the NRS Guest Ranch in one of the cabins. “The cabins are very nicely done and we love that they have that local feel,” Therese said. “Plus we love that it’s like a vacation but you learn and experience new things while you are there!” John added.


“This is the most professional well-run place I’ve ever been. The facility is great. The whole place is very conducive to learning because you are truly enjoying the whole experience.” John also explained that he was thoroughly impressed with the staff’s credentials and knowledge.


Since traveling from such a great distance, John used one of the lease horses that the training center provides for students. “All the horses here are great. They are very well mannered and have great dispositions,” John said.


John and Therese are hoping to come back for the Cowboy Skills Clinic at the end of March.

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