Heelers Only Clinic


The Heelers Only Clinic took place February 11th through the 13th. This clinic focuses on improving everything from your swing to your horsemanship. The majority of the ropers’ time is spent on horseback, roping sleds, tracking steers and roping cattle.


A student practices roping and keeping his horse in the correct position


Ronnie Pritchett, sophomore high school student from Millsap, was one of the students at this clinic. Ronnie and his mom, Tammie, recently moved to the North Texas area from Florida. They became connected to NRS after attending a Tuesday night #9 roping.

“Sonny came up to us that night and introduced himself, gave us his business card, and told us we could call him if we had any questions or needed anything at all,” Tammie said, “I was very impressed at how friendly and personal he was through the hustle and bustle of the roping.”

Ronnie was thoroughly enjoying the clinic and said, “I really like Drew and the way he ropes and teaches. Sonny’s horsemanship is amazing. Plus, the food has been pretty darn good!”

Elmer Boon, from Rock Valley, Iowa, drove 14 hours straight south to be a part of this clinic. He has been roping for 30+ years and, for many of those, has been a customer of NRS. “I just love the people here. They are all very respectful and have the right attitudes,” Elmer beamed. Elmer said that he received helpful information on his bit and tie down placement, in addition to correcting some things with his swing.

Drew Horner, NRS clinician, says that he particularly enjoys teaching the Heelers Only clinic because of the focused attention to detail to that particular side of the roping team.

When asked what the one thing was he hoped every student could learn from the Heelers Only Clinic, Drew said, “Position, position, position. Heelers must establish good position throughout the entire run. For hazing, reading corners, and heeling consistently all require a consistent position.”

Drew was happy with the progress of the students at the Heelers Only Clinic and is looking forward to the Headers Only Clinic next weekend.

If you are interested in attending one of our many clinics at the NRS Arena, please call 1-800-GO-ROPIN or visit our website HERE.


A student receives one-on-one instruction


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