Iowans Attend Advanced Horsemanship Clinic


Brenda and Mickey Lampos, from Dubuque, Iowa, attended the Advanced Horsemanship clinic, taught my Krista Wade, this past weekend. This 4 day clinic is specifically designed to help students gain better control of their horse’s parts (head and neck, shoulders, ribs, and hindquarters) through a series of riding exercises. Students learn how to be the leader while applying techniques in their discipline and out on the trail by maneuvering obstacles and working through individual problems.

“We love to just refine our horsemanship skills and keep our horses learning. This is a great class to do that in!” Brenda explained.


Brenda and Mickey brought their 2 horses, Kid and Chance. This was their 3rd class with Krista, their first being in 2009, and their 2nd being last year at the NRS arena. Brenda and Mickey attend a new clinic every year to grow their skills.

“We obviously love NRS and Krista. So much so that this year we came back and brought our friends!” Mickey laughed.

“If I could summarize Krista and her Advanced Horsemanship Clinic into three words it would be: Professional, structured and yet flexible. She will help you learn whatever you want to learn” Mickey said.


Both Brenda and Mickey said they deeply appreciate how Krista is able to give individual attention to each student in her clinics. If there is something specific one of the students wants to learn, Krista devotes her energy into making sure the horse and rider learn or improve that skill.

Brenda believes the clinic truly helps her to feel more confident while riding and Mickey enjoys the reward that comes from being able to communicate minute and fine-tuned movements to his horse. They each stated they noticed a difference in how soft and responsive both of their horses had become just from the few days at the clinic.


“We already have plans to come back with friends again next year!” Brenda said.

If you are interested in the next Advanced Horsemanship Clinic, or Krista’s Back to the Basics Clinic, please visit our website here:


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