Level 2 Clinic: June 3rd-5th


The NRS arena hosted another Level 2 Roping Clinic over the first weekend of June. The Level 2 clinic is taught primarily by Drew Horner, 2013 NFR qualifier, and Sonny Miller, NRS Arena Director. This particular clinic saw a diverse group of students from across the US.


Marsha and James Mallette were two of these students. The Mallettes drove from Braxton, Mississippi, to make a week long vacation out of their clinic trip. Marsha and James have each been to the NRS Arena for clinics in the past, but had not been together. This past Christmas they decided to make an NRS clinic their Christmas present to each other.


Marsha gearing up for a practice swing on the dummy


The Mallettes have been married for 33 years, and they say that after this year they want to turn an NRS clinic into an annually planned vacation.


“Everything has been so nice and enjoyable. We definitely want to come back next year and hopefully make it a yearly thing, “ James said.


James perfecting his swing on the dummy

“Emily is so hospitable and kind,” Marsha said in reference to Emily Menard, NRS Arena Hostess, “We were actually suppose to attend a Level 2 clinic earlier in the year, however James had the flu and we couldn’t make it. She rescheduled us without any issues so we could make it up here this weekend.”


Another student who attended the clinic was Brent Mibb, from Pryor, Oklahoma. He attended the clinic with his dad, Brock. Brent is a senior in high school and has been roping his whole life. Brock primarily trains horses, but wanted to help his son improve his skill of roping by bringing him to the clinic.


“I have really learned how to better handle the steers and set them up correctly for the heeler,” Brent said. Brent brought his horse Ralph, and his mom’s horse, Ethel. “Drew has been very helpful and he is easy to learn from,” Brent explained


“I was impressed at how this clinic is much more than just a roping clinic. They also teach a lot of tacking and horsemanship. It is definitely a lot of info for a 3-day clinic,” Brock said.


Kyle Wade, Saddle Manager, and Sonny Miller, NRS Arena Director, explain the importance of a proper fitting saddle tree

Brent participates in Little Britches Rodeos and has qualified for Nationals his second year in a row. He says he definitely plans on returning for another NRS Clinic next year.


If you are interested in attending one of our clinics, please call 1-800-GO-ROPIN or visit www.nrsworld.com/events

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