Level 2 Clinic: The Next Step


Last week NRS Arena hosted this years’ first “Level 2: The Next Step” team roping clinic. This clinic is the natural progression from Level 1, although you do not need to attend Level 1 to attend the Level 2. In this clinic, the goal is for the “beginner” to become more comfortable with the basics of team roping and work on putting the entire run together while working more with cattle.

Cindy Wamsley, and her two daughters, Grace, 12, and Bailey, a college student at Utah State University, were three of the fifteen students at the clinic. Bailey competed in High School Rodeo and has roped for about 7 years, while Cindy, and Grace were roping for their second time ever.

“We wanted something us girls could do as a family… this is such a great family experience” Cindy said. “We have had so much fun! NRS has such an amazing atmosphere. And we love Paul,” Cindy laughed. Paul is one of the NRS staff helping teach the clinic.


Bailey explained that she learned how to just relax and not over think it. “Sometimes I just need to have patience and think about the fundamental steps,” she stated. Grace was excited to still be learning the correct form and felt like she was finally beginning to get the hang of the dally.


Bailey and her mom, Cindy, practicing roping during the clinic.


“ All the instructors are so knowledgeable and they can really look at you as an individual and help you where you need help. They never make you feel inadequate, but they still push you to become better. It is an intimidating sport, but the Level 1 clinic made me feel confident enough to come back and try the Level 2,” Cindy said.

Bud Thorton, from Arkansas, was another guest at the Level 2 clinic. He has been team roping for about a year, although he has spent his life with horses and cattle. “There is so much practical knowledge here,” Bud said, “I thought I would be intimidated coming to a clinic like this, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the laid back atmosphere.”

Bud concluded that the two most important things he had learned were how to keep his horse in good position and how to dally and pull the slack correctly. “I have learned so much besides just how to throw the rope. We have discussed everything from proper horsemanship to the correct bit to use for my horse,” Bud said with appreciation.

Another local guest at the clinic was Ronnie Hill from Haslet. Ronnie said he was most grateful for the cumulative effort the NRS team contributed to the clinic. He loved how knowledgeable each person was and how they were each able to devote their talents. He especially loved how Billy Cogsdil, the NRS Saddle Maker, took the time to talk to everyone about the importance of good-fitting tack. Ronnie summarized by saying, “if you can be teachable, you can learn a lot at an NRS clinic!”


Ronnie looking back for instruction after roping his steer.


The next clinic at the NRS arena will be “Advanced Horsemanship” with Krista Wade, May 13th through 16th. If you would like to participate in this, or another NRS clinic, please call 1-800-GOROPIN or visit our website at www.NRSworld.com/events.

Come join us for the 5th Annual NRSTRC April 10th – 12th!

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