Meet Krista Wade: NRS Clinician, Trainer and Trailer Expert


I grew up in central Ohio, with a passion for horses. When I was a kid I rode any horse, carousel, pony ride, horse and carriage, etc. that I could find. After High school, I went to the University of Kentucky and competed in 3-Day Eventing for a year before pursuing horse training and clinics full time. I was presented with the opportunity to study under a great horseman back in Ohio and I just couldn’t pass it up.


For 5 years, I lived, ate, slept and breathed horsemanship. I did everything from picking up rocks, landscaping, and tractor work, to vet care, daily horse operation tasks, foaling out mares and arena work. This taught me to be a well-rounded horsewoman and how to help people through any situation that came their way.


I learned throughout those years how to train people and horses. I traveled the country and taught hundreds of clinics. After moving to Stephenville, and meeting my husband, Kyle Wade, we decided we wanted to slow down and raise a family and have a more “normal” lifestyle (those of you who know us know our “normal” isn’t everyone’s normal).


Around that time, we were blessed with the opportunity to work for NRS. David Isham, CEO and owner of NRS, and Mike Henderson, co-owner of NRS Trailers, offered us the best opportunity. Through NRS we are able to work in the western industry while also being able to enjoy our family and friends also in the western industry. I have been so lucky over the last six years to be associated with the best company I have ever worked for, NRS Trailers. My husband has found a great home with NRS as the Saddle Manager, and we couldn’t have asked for more!



The icing on the cake was for David and Mike to allow me to also continue doing what I love: train horses and teach horsemanship clinics and lessons! I love helping people build the foundation of their horses while also helping them understand why a horse does what they do and how to work them through any problems. During my clinics I meet so many great people and work with many horses. It is so rewarding to see HUGE progress in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing when you can break the steps down for people and give them tools to teach their horses how everything can come together. We learn to be safer around our horses, gain their respect, and, in turn, the horses will do more and more for their owners.


It’s a great feeling and I am so lucky to be able to do what I love every day!

–        Krista Wade


June 5, 2015 |

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