No More Biting! Mio Fly Rug Keeps Pests at Bay


With all the recent rain, storms and flooding, most horse owners are noticing a rise in mosquito and fly population. The standing water (especially in Texas and parts of Oklahoma) will no doubt make this pest season especially difficult to control. In addition to the painful and itchy welts pests leave on our horses, horse owners must also be concerned about the diseases these pests carry. Another danger, often over looked, is the pain and inflammation in joints due to stomping and/or kicking.

Although fly spray is often the first defense most turn to, constant spraying can be time-consuming, costly and not always affective. Fly sheets often offer a more complete coverage and can offer protection for the duration the sheet is on the horse.


The Mio Fly Rug in use.


The Mio Fly Rug by Horseware is a great option for those wanting to provide protection as well as keep an eye on their wallet. This sheet not only acts as a barrier between the horse’s skin and insects, it also provides UV protection and is breathable so your horse does not become too hot under a sheet in the summer sun.

The hood comes fixed on the Mio. This keeps the sheet all in one piece so the user does not have to store and later find multiple pieces. The front of the sheet features patented front Leg Arches to allow for comfortable, free forward movement and closes with classic front closures. The cross surcingle and fillet string all allow for a secure fit. The soft knitted polyester construction is durable. The longer tail flap is helpful for protecting the top part of the horse’s tail where they tend to scratch and break hairs off.

This sheet is also available in pony sizes!

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Horseware Ireland is constantly striving to produce the best they can and have grown into a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders. They promise to never stop evolving; they are always seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries and finding new challenges. Horseware Ireland believes that because they create, they innovate. And through innovation they aim to make a difference to the lives of their customer and their horses.

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