The Dragsteer


Rex Foster, from a little town just south of Tyler, Texas, developed the Dragsteer after many experiments and serious efforts to entertain the Foster family during down time at rodeos. Once the Dragsteer was created, it also became the source of entertainment for the Foster’s friends and family, as well as for neighboring cowboy churches. The Dragsteer’s popularity grew and they were soon selling them at a friend’s ropings, before they were eventually placed in the NRS catalog. The small Dragsteer roping pen is now a favorite among shoppers in Las Vegas at the NRS shopping Experience during the NFR.

Every Dragsteer is hand assembled, hand painted and shipped personally from the family team in Texas. The dummies are hardy and stand up to repeated uses by adults and children. Whether you are a pro-rodeo roper, or just someone looking for a little summer entertainment, the Dragsteer is a great way to gain experience while still having fun. From ages 2-92, it seems everyone has a blast with this addictive dummy!

To purchase a Dragsteer for yourself, please visit, or click on the picture below:


A couple of kids roping the Dragsteer at the NRS Shopping Experience during the NFR 2013.


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