How to Add a Listing (Classified Ad)

To add a new listing to, simply click on the orange “Add a Listing Now” button on the right sidebar of the site:


Next, you will be taken to an options page. Adding a listing to our site will cost either $20 (for 30 days), or $40 (for 60 days). Begin by selecting the length of your listing. Then, you can choose additional options to feature your ad if you wish. For $5.00, your ad will be featured at the top of the listing category (Horses, Saddles, Trailers, or Miscellaneous), and for $15.00, your ad will be featured on the home page of our website.  You can also choose both options if you want by checking both boxes, for a total of $20.00.  Once you have selected your upgrade options (if any), click the orange “Continue” button.


Next, you need to fill out your listing information. The top of the page contains basic information about the listing, like the title and address of your listing. Next, please choose what category your event should be filed under – Horses, Saddles, Trailers, or Miscellaneous. You can only choose one category. When you choose the category, additional questions will appear below the checkbox that are specific to that category. For example, if you choose Horses, you will get an additional set of questions about the horse’s age, lineage, etc. If you choose Trailers,  you will get questions about the Make, Model Year, etc of the trailer. With the exception of the PRICE, these additional questions are optional, but it is best if you can fill out all the information you know.


Now, fill out any relevant contact information for the listing, like the owner phone number or website address. For security reasons you should not put your email address in any of these fields. TeamRoper users will be able to contact you directly via your listing ad, so there is no reason to make your email address public.


Finally comes the image upload and listing description. If you have a images of what you are trying to sell, you can upload them here. Make sure your files are under 2MB in size, or it will not upload properly. In the listing description field, you can type in whatever you like to describe your listing. The “tags” field can be filled with keywords to help describe your listing and for people to find it in searches. Once this part is complete, click the orange “Next Step” button at the bottom of the page. The text on the button will change to say “Processing” while it works to create your event in our system. To avoid duplicates, please don’t press the button again while it says “Processing”.


You will be redirected to Paypal to pay the amount due for your ad. Your ad will not appear on Teamroper until payment is made. After payment, you will be returned back to Teamroper and your completed listing.  You can then click the “Continue to Listing” orange button to see your ad live on our site.




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